Cantamus Plans for the Week

We’ll have our regular Tuesday, Thursday full Cantamus rehearsals at 7-8am.

12:20 – 12:35 Rehearsals and Council Meeting in the Zelman Center

  • MondayO Sole Mio solos (Phillip, Gennaro)
  • TuesdayLaudamus Te (Rosalie, Julie, Anna, Elayne)
  • WednesdayCantamus Student Council: look at the repertoire for Cantamus, Camerata, Cantamus Jazz, Women of Cantamus, Men in Black (Brandon, Elayne, Victoria, Phillip, Ali, Caroline, Anna, Annie, Gab, Josh, Katie, Christian, Rosalie, Aubri)
  • ThursdayAlto solo Qui sedes (Caroline, Annie Ortiz)
  • FridayVittoria (Brandon, Phillip, Caroline, Annie Ortiz, Gab Ortiz, Jack Gilloon)

Next Monday….

  • Monday, October 3Camerata (Annie, Caroline, Brandon, Jack, Elayne, Rosalie, Phillip, Josh Putrasahan)

Party at the Drury home on Saturday, October 1, 12 noon -3:00 p.m.  

Both the parent council and the student council of Cantamus thought it a good idea to have a party to give everybody a chance to have a good time and also to get to know one another a little better.  Plan to be there!  Please bring some food to share.  You may want to bring a bathing suit if the weather is not too cold (!).

You will need to RSVP to Mrs. Drury at debbieJ109*** in order to get directions.  Please let her know if you will or if you won’t be coming.  (You’ll need to use the at sign before aol; I used *** to try to fool spam robots.)

If you can’t stay the whole time, it’s OK to come and go as you are able.

Busy week!

More Concerts for Review

At the time I published the list of concerts acceptable for review, information about the Sonoran Chamber Music Series was unavailable.  Now they’ve announced their season here.  Both the September 11 and the November 20 concerts are acceptable for review for sophomores and juniors now.  Seventh and Eighth graders may plan to review their February 12, March 11, and April 15 concerts.  I recommend them!   Thanks to Mrs. Hayden (Callan’s mom) for bringing this great series to my attention.

More Symphony Tickets!

Thanks to our wonderful Parent Organization president Marion Rhoades and her great team, we worked out a way to extend the deadline for purchasing Phoenix Symphony tickets!  Members of the TPA community now have until September 17 to order more tickets.

Go to and click LUNCH STORE. Then click on Sept. 17th. Please pay for your tickets separately from your lunch order to help our accounting process.  After payment through PayPal, be sure to confirm your order by clicking ORDER HISTORY. If you see your tickets there, then we have your order.

Remember that the 7th and 8th grade students take music in the spring semester, so it is ideal that they attend 2 concerts during the spring semester for review. In addition to the Phoenix Symphony concerts, there are a number of other concerts approved for concert reviews circled on the poster located between the kitchen and Zelman Center. Many of them are free.

Please find a list of approved concerts for Fall semester here.

Phoenix Symphony Ticket Holders

If you purchased tickets for the Phoenix Symphony this season, please go here for important information about your tickets.

Beethoven concert was sold out.  Not everyone who purchased the tickets received them, because the supply was limited.  Please check your ticket envelope carefully, and look at this information here.

Unprecedented response this year to Phoenix Symphony tickets – We sold an unprecedented 585 tickets, representing 104 family units in our TPA community, to the Phoenix Symphony for this season!  We are working on ways to extend the deadline to sell even more tickets.  I am so pleased that we are able to offer this great cultural service to our TPA community and that the Symphony can benefit by attracting new young listeners.