Regional and Solo and Ensemble Results

Congratulations to every one of our students who auditioned for regional choir, band, and orchestra on Saturday!  Here are some results….

Regional Auditions


Christian Seto, bass, was placed in the Regional Honors Choir!  Phillip Giandiletti is right now first alternate in the tenor section.  He will attend the festival, rehearse with the choir, and if one tenor drops out for some reason, will perform with the choir!  Julie Looker who auditioned for a spot in the alto section is at this moment third alternate!


Justin Wong, violin; Dominic Amorose, violin; Martha Menefee, cello; and Thomas Menefee, contrabass ALL made it into Regional Orchestra!

Solo and Ensemble Festival


  • Brandon Ashton, “The Vagabond,” Excellent
  • Elayne Drury, “Amarilli mia bella,” Excellent
  • Victoria Ehmann, “Du bist bei Mir,” Excellent
  • Phillip Giandiletti, “Carol mio ben,” Excellent
  • Jack Gilloon, “The Vagabond,” Excellent
  • Caroline Kinsley, “O cessate,” Excellent
  • Julie Looker, “Heidenröslein,” Superior
  • Lindsey Macias, “Beau Soir,” Excellent
  • Anna Medill, “Wayfaring Stranger,” Excellent
  • Thomas Menefee, “Prelude” to Suite 1 (Bach), Superior
  • Christian Seto, “The Vagabond,” Superior
  • Rosalie Simoneau, “Per la gloria d’avorari,” Excellent


  • Women of Cantamus, “Weep, O Mine Eyes,” Excellent
  • Men in Black, “Silhouettes,” Superior
  • Cantamus Jazz, “Embraceable You,” Superior
  • Camerata, “Sing We and Chant It,” Superior

The judge told me after she had heard every one, that every one of the performances was “wonderfully musical” and “smart.”

Congratulations to every student for participating and doing so well!

Regular Cantamus Rehearsals Resume

Regular Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals for Cantamus resume on Tuesday, January 31 at 7am.

We will be working on our piece for the Disney Advanced Vocal Workshop (hopefully, “Set Down Servant”), and our music for the final concert, including “Somagwaza,” “In These Delightful, Pleasant Groves,” “Amazing Grace/Pachelbel’s Canon,” and “One Day More” from Les Miserables.

It will be great to be back all together!

Regional Schedule, What to Bring

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who performed in the Chamber Recital “Dress Rehearsal” last night.  I think the performance served its purpose of helping everyone get organized and focused in preparation for Saturday.  The amount of musical talent here at TPA is phenomenal!

Friday 7am rehearsal tomorrow is for all members of ensembles:

  • Camerata
  • Cantamus Jazz
  • Men in Black
  • Women of Cantamus

We will run each of your pieces and perhaps have a little time to make repairs and refinements.  I will attempt to get the Zelman Center so you can again practice performing on a stage.

Saturday Schedule for Ensemble Singers and Regional Choir Auditioners

  • 6:30 a.m.  Meet in TPA Zelman Center for warm-ups
  • 6:55 a.m.  Carpools depart for Maryvale High School
  • 8:00 a.m.  First Ensemble performs for judge
  • 11:40 a.m.  (Approximately) Carpools depart Maryvale High to return to TPA
  • 12:10 p.m. Approximate time of arrival at TPA

Here is what to bring on Saturday:

  • Wear your performance clothes (Cantamus uniform if you are in an ensemble)
  • Student Photo ID Card
  • Change of clothes for the ride home (optional)
  • Music folder with your name on it
  • If you are performing a solo or auditioning for regional choir, bring the original, published purchased music (not a photocopy) for the judge, with the measures numbered in pencil
  • Snack food (water bottles will be provided)
  • Money in case there is a vending machine (not sure about this)
  • Games, cards, homework

Varsity Strings/Cantamus Forms and Information

The following are forms needed this week — mostly tomorrow!  Return all forms to Mrs. Hicks in the front office at TPA.

  • Disney commitment form: all members of Cantamus and Varsity Strings complete this form.  Deadline: February 1. 

      Disney_Commitment_Form_and_Deposit.pdf (207.4 KiB)

  • Chamber Recital Sign-Up: all soloists for Regional Auditions complete this form.  Deadline: January 23. 

      Chamber_Recital_sign_up_2012.pdf (79.5 KiB)

  •  Regional Auditions Schedule and What to Bring: all soloists and also members of Men in Black, Women of Cantamus, Camerata, and Cantamus Jazz keep this form because it has information on it you need. 

      Regionals_Information_Schedule_What_to_Bring.pdf (98.8 KiB)

  • Accompanist Arrangements: all vocal soloists complete this form for Regional Audition and for Chamber Recital.  Deadline: January 23. 

      Accompanist_Arrangements.pdf (49.2 KiB)

  • Transportation Arrangements: all vocal and string soloists auditioning for Regional Choir and Orchestra and all members of the ensembles, Men in Black, Women of Cantamus, Camerata, and Cantamus Jazz complete and return this form.  Deadline: January 23. 

      Transportation_Arrangements_S__E.pdf (49.6 KiB)

  • Permission Slip: everyone (vocals and strings) participating in Regional Auditions and Solo and Ensemble Festival complete this form.  Deadline: January 27

      Permission_Slip_Regional_Auditions_2012.pdf (72.3 KiB)

More Concerts for Review

7th and 8th grade students and parents, here are some more concerts that qualify for review.  All feature Scottsdale Community College students and faculty.

  • February 14, piano recital
  • April 25, trombone choir
  • May 1, guitar and cello ensembles
  • May 3, choral concert
  • May 5, orchestra concert

For more information, go to Scottsdale Community College News .

Thanks to Mrs. Veenstra for bringing these to my attention.

Order Music Books from Kendall Hunt!

Parents!  If you’ve had trouble obtaining Introducing the Recorder and Music Theory (7th grade) or Exploring the Recorder and Music Theory (8th grade) through, I suggest you consider purchasing your student’s book directly from the publisher, Kendall Hunt.  My editor tells me that they have the books sitting on shelves ready to ship within 24 hours or less.  The cost will be slightly higher than Amazon because you will have to pay for shipping.

If Amazon has not yet shipped your book, I suggest you cancel the order and get your money back.  Here are the links to the Kendall Hunt order site:

The publisher and I both are completely mystified as to why Amazon is so sluggish about getting your books to you!

Cantamus Rehearsal Schedule week of January 16

Cantamus ensemble singers, here is the rehearsal schedule for this week, beginning with tomorrow’s, January 17:

  • Tuesday, 7-8am: Camerata
  • Tuesday, 12:20-12:40: Sight singing
  • Wednesday, 12:20-12:40: Sight singing
  • Thursday, 7-8am: Camerata
  • Thursday, 12:20-12:40: Sight singing
  • Friday, 7-8am: Cantamus Jazz (room 302)
  • Friday, 12:20-12:40: Men in Black


Cantamus Rehearsal Schedule for January

Because the month concludes with the TPA Chamber Recital (the 25th), Solo and Ensemble Festival, and Regional Auditions (both on the 28th), the emphasis this month is on preparation for these three events and not on rehearsals of all of Cantamus.  Click here for a copy of the schedule:

  Cantamus_Ensembles_Rehearsal_Schedule.pdf (317.7 KiB)

New members of Cantamus who are planning to audition for one or more of the small ensembles should come to the next rehearsal of their groups; we will schedule the audition when we can, probably after school.

If you are not in any of the small groups, you probably will not be coming to rehearsals during January. Be ready to commence again in February with our new concert songs, at least one of which we will perform for the clinician at the Disney Advanced Vocal Workshop.

Concerts for Review Posted

Seventh and Eighth Grade Music Students — find concerts acceptable for review here.  All Seventh and Eighth Grade Music Students are required to review two live, classical concerts this semester.  The reviews may be submitted any time before 3:00 p.m. on Friday, May 18.  The concert review agreement lists nearly 60 concerts that are approved for review.  Students under 16 must be accompanied by and sit with their parents at the concert.