Cantamus Spring Trip Dates

Be sure to be in rehearsal on Tuesday! 

I will be asking for your opinion on various dates for the Spring Disney Advanced Vocal Workshop.  On Tuesday at rehearsal, I will hand out a form, one for each singer, asking for your feedback about the several dates we now are considering.  (The date that is presently on the online calendar is not good for several of our seniors, who are planning to use that weekend to complete the final drafts of their theses.)

The form is due the very next day, Wednesday, so be sure to return it.  Let your voice be heard!

Cantamus Dates

  • October 19: National Anthem at football game versus San Tan Foothills
  • November 29: Opening mini-concert at 10th 11th grade concert
  • January 12: Winter Concert 
  • January 23: TPA Chamber Recital (small ensembles)
  • January 26: Solo and Ensemble Festival, Regional Auditions
  • March 1-3: Spring trip to Disney Advanced Vocal Workshop (tentative)
  • May 8: Spring (Final) Concert

The Seniors in Cantamus are looking to suggest an alternative date for the Spring trip, since the final draft of their thesis is due on March 4.  They will be meeting with me tomorrow.  Meanwhile, please consult the TPA online calendar to consider alternative dates.

Cantamus T-Shirts!

Dear Cantamus Singers and Parents,

We are putting in an order for Red Cantamus T-shirts. Singers, if you do NOT have one yet, or you want us to order you a new one, please come on Tuesday to tell Mrs. Wolfe what size you want her to order for you. You can bring $10 when you pick up your shirt.

Ties for the men are $15.

Please make checks payable to Tempe Preparatory Academy.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

New Concert for Review

Sonoran Desert Chorale sent me information about student rush tickets to their concerts October 6 and 7.  This sounds like a beautiful program, “Music of Nueva España,” choral music from south of the border.  For a sampling of music click on their website.  For information about the student rush tickets and other discounts, please contact me and I’ll forward their email on to you.  I added their October concerts to the list of concerts acceptable for review, now with 85 concerts listed.

Cantamus Parent Council Forming!

Parents of Cantamus singers!  The Cantamus Parent Council is forming.

The council meets a few times per year, especially prior to the fund-raiser concert.  The council’s purpose is to provide guidance for major Cantamus events, including the Winter Concert and the Disney Advanced Vocal Workshop trip.

The first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26, 7pm at TPA.  I hope every parent who is interested in helping support our superb choir will be involved in the Cantamus Parent Council.

Please let Dr. Wolfe know if you are interested in serving on the Cantamus Parent Council.

Cantamus Dresses — September 18

We’ll be ordering new dresses for any of the girls who need them.  Girls can be measured for their dresses on September 18, Tuesday.

We have a very limited number of used dresses which sell for $35. New dresses are $71.50 (dress $63, belt $5, buckle $3.50)

Ties for the boys are $15 and we’ll have some at the rehearsal on the 18th for purchase. Boys must obtain their own black slacks, plus a black long-sleeve, broadcloth shirt with standard collar (NOT button-down collar.)

Please bring a check on Sept 18, made out to Tempe Preparatory Academy, to buy what you need.  Dresses must be paid for before they are ordered.

Parents, please let Louise Wolfe know if you can:

  • Help her on Sept 18 in Zelman
  • Help with the uniform money
  • Pick up the new dresses when they are finished – near Elliot and Priest around October 15
  • Help hem dresses for gals who have no way to do it

Our first performance is on October 19, so, whether your new to Cantamus or a returning  singer, be sure you have your concert uniform in shape well before that date!

Phoenix Symphony — Bad News!

At this point in time, we are not able to offer discounted tickets to Phoenix Symphony concerts.  Changes in box office policy have made it impossible to obtain the kind of discounted tickets we enjoyed last year and in previous years.

Specifically, Symphony management decided to limit the number of available tickets to 50 per concert (that is, a total of 50 for all schools) and only for selected Thursday night concerts.

While we cannot offer discounted tickets to the Phoenix Symphony, students in music class still have plenty of opportunities to hear excellent, live “classical” concerts.   For a list of fine concerts and recitals click here.

Thank you to Mrs. Singleton, Mrs. LaFever, Mr. Zidar, and Ms. Jones for their willingness to administer the Phoenix Symphony ticket program.

Phoenix Symphony — No News Yet

A number of students and their parents have been asking about the Phoenix Symphony student ticket program we have run so successfully in years past.  The symphony management has changed its policy about student discount tickets, and so we are in the process of communicating with them about the new policy and developing our program to adapt to their changes.  For example, we have been informed that only a very limited number of tickets will be available and only for Thursday evening concerts.  That’s a big change, so we need to figure out how we’ll handle that.

I hope we’ll have definite answers about our ability to provide student discount tickets to the Phoenix Symphony concerts by the end of this week.  Thank you for your patience.

ASU Choral Leadership for Cantamus

Members of Cantamus are eligible to request a place at the ASU Choral Leadership Workshop held at ASU on Saturday, September 15, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  This is an extraordinary opportunity for our students to join together with hundreds of other high school singers, make beautiful music together, learn from a top-notch choral director (Mr. Bart Evans, whom I recommend highly), and have a great time together.

ASU requests that we bring balanced quartets of Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, and Basses.  Students who are interested in applying for this free workshop should let Dr. Wolfe know immediately by email or by signing up on the sheet passed around at rehearsal.

For more information, please contact me.