Congratulations Music Students! Concert Reviews Due

Congratulations to every 10th and 11th grade student who participated in the outstanding concert last night!  Audience response was so positive and I think some of the students surprised themselves at how well they did!

This is a reminder that both concert reviews are due no later than Friday, December 7, 3:00 p.m. Reviews may be submitted at any time before then. Students who choose to submit reviews later than Friday can do so for reduced credit until a cutoff, determined by the teacher, at which time no more reviews will be accepted at all.

For the concert review form go here.  For other information pertinent to music class, go here.


Thank you!



Bus Permission Form

Although I sent out an email to all of my 10th and 11th grade music students with the bus permission form attached, some recipients couldn’t find it!  Strange!

Anyway, here it is.  It is due back to the teacher on Tuesday, November 27 (or before).

[Note: I’ll be handing this out in classes tomorrow, Monday; students need only complete the top half (or the bottom half) of the form.]

Cantamus Upcoming!

Upcoming events and unusual schedules:

  • Bring your concert attire Tuesday. Please bring your concert attire to our only rehearsal this week.
  • Videotaping Tuesday at rehearsal.  The video is to secure permission to perform at Arizona Mills Mall.  I’ll provide storage for your concert attire during the school day until you can take it with you that evening.
  • Holiday caroling. The Cantamus Parent Council came up with the idea of promoting our “On Broadway” event in the local malls. The idea is for a few members of Cantamus (perhaps 15) to sing carols at the Arizona Mills Mall on a Friday from 6:30 – 7:30 or a Saturday from 2:00 – 3:00.  If you are interested in doing this, meet me in the Zelman Center tomorrow at the beginning of lunch and we will choose which day or days, Friday(s) or/and Saturday(s) to request.
  • Rehearsals this week. The only regular rehearsal will be Tuesday, 7am.  Also, I will rehearse with anyone in Cantamus Jazz who can make it to a rehearsal tomorrow, Monday at 7am. In future weeks, I’ll plan to rehearse with Cantamus Jazz on Mondays and Fridays at 7am.
  • Concert November 29. Cantamus is scheduled to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “Set Me as a Seal” (conducted by Phillip), and “Ticket to the Kingdom” (conducted by Christian Seto) at the Thursday, November 29, 7pm concert. These songs are to be performed from memory.  You will open for the curricular choirs.  If you are very pressed for time that evening, you may wish to bring something to study during the concert, so you can listen while you read.
  • Concert attire. Full concert attire is required at the November 29 event and for the caroling in the mall. I believe there may be a few members of the group who do not yet have their outfits. We will need to take care of that this week.

The Parent Council came up with wonderful ideas for “On Broadway,” including more extensive marketing than we’ve had in the past. More about “On Broadway” later…..

Regional and S&E Registration

The deadline for registering for Regional Choir Auditions and Solo and Ensemble Festival is Thursday, November 15.  If you are a member of Cantamus, you qualify to be able to audition.  Use this form to let me know you want to audition.

This short paper  may help you choose a solo.

You don’t need to wait for an invitation to audition: if you’re a member of Cantamus, you qualify!

Needed Help for Cantamus

All parents of Cantamus singers are invited to attend tomorrow’s meeting of the Cantamus Parent Council in the Zelman Center.  The meeting begins at 7pm and is expected to last one hour.

We make decisions at the occasional meetings (like the one tomorrow) and members of the council help out with tasks needed to keep the choir in uniforms, scheduled for festivals, and other opportunities. Our immediate concerns are the November 29 concert and the January 12 event.

Here are some specific jobs with which I need help from Cantamus Parents:

Treasurer: Mrs. Carter is already helping with this

Uniforms: manage distribution of uniforms and accouterments; collect funds for them

Music Library: Mrs. Ashton in the front office is assisting with this; we need occasional help at a few rehearsals to distribute and collect music scores

Registrations: this is a job that only requires help the first four weeks of each semester; could be combined with number 5.

Trips and Disney Workshop: help with organizing the trip. Probably requires two people who will coordinate with one another.

Fund-raiser concert/dinner: coordinate with facility; coordinate volunteer staff and subcommittees

Regional auditions and solo and ensemble festival: coordinate with director(s) (including Mrs. Wilkison) to assist in registering students; coordinating accompanist

Volunteer coordinator: keep a list of parents who are willing to help in various ways and what their availability is

If you are interested in helping our excellent choir run smoothly, please let me know. You are invited to come to the meeting tomorrow night.