Cantamus “On Broadway” Dinner Acts

Plans are coming together for our amazing presentation, “On Broadway!”

So far, we have one confirmed act for the dinner portion of the evening: Anthony and Phillip.

  • If you’d like to brainstorm to find a song or act you can perform
  • If you know the song or act and want to get approval to perform it
  • If you know the song or act and would like a little help with it…

Contact TJ’s mom, Mrs. Smith at her address in the email I sent you today.  Or you can contact me and I’ll send you her address. (I don’t want to post it on the Blog.)

Do not wait for the end of finals week; do it now!

Take the 30 seconds or so to contact her now!  Here, I’ll write it for you:

Dear Mrs. Smith, I think I want to do something for the dinner portion of “On Broadway.” I don’t know what yet. Let’s be in touch after Finals Week!

There. You know how to copy and paste, right? So do it now!

Did I mention you need to do it now?

Music Class Final Exam Reflection Question

Students in Dr. Wolfe’s music classes will see the following reflection question on their Final Exam.  Students are permitted to answer it early by email, sending their answers to Dr. Wolfe at the Contact button above.   Or they may hand write their answers on the Final Exam itself.  Either way, students are encouraged to give thoughtful responses, since the answer counts significantly in the Final Exam total and may also appear in the semester evaluation.

Here’s the question:

Reflection question: Thinking back over your entire experience in music class(es) at TPA, write a brief (one or two paragraph) reflection on anything of value you are taking away from your time.  Remember that music classes included, but were not limited to the elements listed below.  While you may wish to use the list to spur your memory, you need not limit your response to these items.  (20 points)

  • Music theory (reading and analyzing printed music)
  • Music appreciation (the listening CDs)
  • Concert reviews of live performances
  • Dictation
  • Sight-reading and sight-singing
  • Improvising (learning to sing harmonies, making up melodies to poetry)
  • Recorder technique (in junior high), vocal technique (in high school)
  • Performance before live audiences.

Late Concert for Review

If you procrastinated hearing a concert for review until it is too late… read on!

The Symphony of the Southwest is presenting Amahl and the Night Visitors by Gian Carlo Menotti (1911-2007) tomorrow, Saturday, December 8.  While the review will be considered late, you’d be better served turning in something late than nothing at all!

This one-act opera was the first one composed for television and has become a holiday favorite for millions of listeners.  The Symphony of the Southwest presents the opera in concert (not fully staged) format.


Calling All Singers! New Building Dedication

If you are in 11th grade or in Cantamus, join in the festivities on Saturday morning and receive a community service hour.

The new building dedication is Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. and Mr. Hallman especially would like you to help celebrate this great addition to our campus. Honor those donors who made it possible by singing “Carol of the Bells” with your classmates.

Earn an hour of community service for your time. Yes, I already checked with Mrs. Melton and all you will need to do is fill out the paperwork to receive your credit. Mr. Hallman tells me the ceremony should conclude by about 9:30.

Be at the Zelman Center at 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning for our one and only rehearsal. Then, at the ceremony, which will be in the new piazza, sing your song to the audience who will be there. Business casual is the attire.