Music Class Mailing List

If you or your student is in one of my music classes this semester, I just sent you an email.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments!  Welcome to junior high music at TPA!

Note: If you expected to receive an email from me and didn’t, perhaps I don’t have your correct email address, or perhaps your server is blocking delivery for some reason.  Please contact me by clicking on the “Contact” tab above and I’ll do my best to respond.

Cantamus Disney Last-Minute Information

Send-off Party is in Zelman at 10:00 p.m. Please feel free to bring any food to share.  Discuss ride strategies (oh, the wonder of the fast pass!), assign park buddies (no students are allowed to be alone by themselves in the parks), and last minute instructions.

Workshop time on Saturday: 9:30 am (12 hours later) with clinician Heather McMasters.  We are to meet at the entrance to ToonTown at 9:30 and a stage manager will meet us and walk us backstage.



  • 10pm Send-Off Party
  • 11-11:30pm Board bus!


  • 6am Arrive at Denny’s: eat, change into red Cantamus T-Shirt — and use deodorant!
  • 8am Park Opens
  • 9:30am Meet our stage manager at the entrance to ToonTown; sight reading, recording session, work with Disney director Heather McMasters
  • The rest of the day: enjoy the Parks!
  • 12midnight Meet to go to bus


  • 7 or 8am Arrive back at TPA!

Check here for schedules of public events in the parks.  Fantasmic (in Disneyland) and World of Color (in California Adventure) are both amazing!

We are good to go!

Phoenix Symphony Discount Tickets

One of our TPA moms has offered to share her company’s promotional code with us so we can obtain a 10% discount on Phoenix Symphony tickets.  If you are interested in obtaining tickets at this discounted rate, please go to Music Class Downloads and find the discount code.  Directions are included.

Cantamus Disney Registration Form Due Tuesday!

Cantamus members who are planning to go on the Disney Advanced Vocal Workshop trip — and chaperons — need to complete the form found here (3 pages).  Return it no later than Tuesday, February 19, 8am to the front office (Mrs. Hicks) so we can plan for your presence.  The form has information on it that parents and students need!  Students will not be allowed to attend the trip if the form, particularly the medical release, is incomplete.

Cantamus Disney News

All Cantamus members:

Please return this form by Friday, whether you’re planning to go or not.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth your while to go, look at Disney – Why Go?

I am still in the process of setting the price, so I can’t give you a definite figure yet. It will be about $220 or less. You will have the opportunity on the registration form (not yet available) to request a discount based on: 1) participation in “On Broadway” and 2) whether you were a registered member of Cantamus first semester.

Financial hardship cases: please contact me directly and confidentially.

Note: chaperones (usually parents of Cantamus members) and younger siblings are welcome to join us, as room on the bus permits. The cost per chaperone and per younger sibling last year was $100 each. I expect a similar price this year.