New Cantamus Attendance Policy

The Cantamus Student Council over the course of several meetings has written, refined, and accepted the attached attendance and punctuality policy.
I will present it to the choir on Thursday.  Members will be expected to sign and return one copy to the director.

Find a copy of it here.

See you Thursday!

Phoenix Symphony Discount Tickets

While TPA is not buying Phoenix Symphony tickets in bulk as we have in the past (the symphony discontinued that program), they did notify me that they are offering 50% discount tickets for a limited time for select concerts.

The concerts to which they are offering discounts that also are acceptable for review are:

  • Opening night, September 20, 21
  • Beethoven piano concerto, October 4, 5
  • Sibelius violin concerto, October 18, 19
  • Shostakovitch violin concerto, November 22, 23

Use Promo Code: FALL.

Sale ends September 9 at 11:59 p.m.

For more information, go to the Phoenix Symphony website.

11th Grade Music Quiz Tomorrow

11th Grade Music Students who missed class today will want to know about the quiz administered tomorrow.  Here is some information about it:

  • Quiz 5 will cover the two songs for memorizing in Chapter 6.  The two songs are “Oh My Darling Clementine” and “Spanish Ladies.”
  • The quiz will require students to write the solfége for each syllable of the songs.
  • The quiz includes the first portions of the songs, not the songs in their entirety
  • I will list the available solfége syllables for each song.

Here is an example of how the first part of the quiz looks:

Oh My Darling, Clementine (S   L  T  D  R  M  F  S):

 ____    ____    ____    ____    ____    ____    ____    ____    ____    ____

In         a            cav-      ern,        in            a          can-      yon,       Ex-         ca-

The song “Spanish Ladies” includes the syllables F S l T D R m F S

Students who have questions, please confer with colleagues who were present in class.

Unless there are extraordinary circumstances or parents request a delay, students who are present tomorrow will need to take the quiz.  Progress reports come out on Monday!

Concerts Suitable for Review

The new concert review agreement is posted here.  I also plan to hand it out in class.  It has a list of more than 70 concerts suitable for review.

Scroll down through Music Class Downloads to see what is online for you.

While I noticed that more of the concerts are charging admission this year, if you’re looking for free concerts you still can find them.  You may just have to look a little harder.  Generally, ASU student performances on the ASU campus tend to be free.

Use the links here to find out more information about many of the concerts.  About a week prior to the concert you plan to attend, confirm that it is still scheduled at the place and time you expect.  You may be able to do that simply by looking at the web site or you may need to call the organization.

Note: the words “Studio Recital” mean that students in a particular teacher’s studio are performing on the same program.  “Violin Studio Recital” means that a violin teacher’s students are performing at the recital.

Happy listening!