Music Class Deadlines, 10th and 11th Grades

This is the last week of the quarter.  Music students will please note the following deadlines:

Thursday is the last day to submit homework if you want it to be included in the quarter grade report.  This includes any back homework you need to make up and also the homework due this week:

10th Grade

  • Due Monday: Pp. 105-106
  • Due Tuesday: Pp. 107-108
  • Due Wednesday: Pp. 111-112
  • Due Thursday: Pp. 113-114
  • Friday: Test, Chapter 3

11th Grade

  • Due Monday: None
  • Due Tuesday: Practice and Report
  • Due Wednesday: Practice and Report
  • Due Thursday: Pp. 293-295 (read and answer questions)

If you are not going to be in class on Thursday, you will need to make arrangements to show me any homework for which you want credit.

10th Grade Students: if you will not be in class on Friday to take the Chapter 3 Test, you need to make arrangements to take it before Friday.