10th and 11th Music Class: Bus Permission Slip

10th and 11th Grade music class students must return the signed bus permission slip no later than Wednesday, December 4 in order to ride the bus to the tech rehearsal.  Here is more information about the tech rehearsal:

  • It is in the TPA Auditorium (formerly EdOptions) from 1-3pm on Thursday, December 5.
  • I requested an early release for 10th grade to eat lunch at 12:00 noon and load the first busload at 12:15.  Eat quickly, because no food or drink (other than water) is allowed on the bus.
  • The second busload, for 11th grade, will leave TPA at 12:35.  11th grade students eat their lunches at their normal time.
  • Students wear their regular TPA uniforms for the tech rehearsal.
  • Students are responsible for bringing their choir folders with them to the rehearsal and to the performance that evening.

In addition to the bus, we need transportation to the tech rehearsal for an additional 6 students. We are asking parents to let us know if they can supply this.  Please use the bus permission slip to communicate this to Mrs. Wilkison or me.

I sent an email to all 10th and 11th grade students and parents with additional detail about the rehearsal and the concert that evening.

Concert Attire for December 5

All 10th and 11th grade student performers are required to wear appropriate concert attire for their concert on Thursday, December 5.  Here it is:

MEN: Black pants (no denim), white dress shirts, black shoes, black socks, and dark-colored ties.

WOMEN: Black dress slacks and black socks or black skirt with black hose, white blouse with sleeves, and black shoes. No denim! Skirts must be knee-length or longer.

This information also is posted on TPA’s online calendar , in the course description, and in various emails and communications.  Parents, because these teenagers insist on growing up, please check to make sure the trousers, shirts, and dresses that fit last month still fit your student!

This Week in Classical Music Well Worth a Listen

I’ve been enjoying for several weeks now an Internet feature from our local classical station, KBAQ.  It is called “This Week in Classical Music” and can be heard from the station’s home page, kbaq.org .  Last week, for instance, included an article about a pianist’s worst nightmare: being on stage in front of the audience, ready to play a concerto, and suddenly the orchestra starts playing — a different concerto!

This week reported on research about how music training helps with speech recognition — even in elderly people!

“This Week in Classical Music” airs on the regular radio station.  Each program is about two minutes long, and well worth a listen.

Pianist’s Nightmare

Portuguese pianist Maria Joao Pires was expecting to play a Mozart piano concerto live with the orchestra — just not the one they started playing.  When she objected, the conductor, Riccardo Chailly, replied, “But you play this one so well!”  She then, amazingly, switched over to the unexpected concerto.  She has an amazing memory!  See it here:


Cantamus Info about Solo and Ensemble, Regional Auditions

Please look for an email with your name in it if you wish to participate in the Solo and Ensemble Festival recital on December 10.

This year the festival includes more than one “tier.”  The first tier for our students occurs at TPA on December 10 at the evening recital.

Auditions for Regional Choir occur on January 24 and 25 at Maryvale High School.  Students who want to audition for Regional Choir in January should participate in the December 10 recital.

For more information about the new Festival and auditions click here.

Please contact Dr. Wolfe with questions.

New Concert for Review

Thanks to Mrs. Toomb for drawing my attention to another concert that is suitable for review.  Sunday, November 24, 3:00 p.m.  Bach’s Magnificat and Mozart’s Coronation Mass.  Choral music with orchestra.  Find out more by clicking here.

Now there are 76 concerts acceptable for review number on the list!

Ohemaah Ntiamoah in Music Class, Cantamus Tuesday

2006 TPA graduate Ohemaah Ntiamoah is planning to be on campus to talk with some students on Tuesday.  She is a successful singer, recording artist, and composer who lives locally, so I asked her to come back to her Alma Mater and talk with some of our students.

You will love meeting this gracious and talented young woman.   She successfully completed our music theory and choral program, as well the rest of our rigorous curriculum, so I expect she will have some encouraging words to say to our students.

Get to know her a bit by taking a look at her web site.