Music Class Final Exam Reflection Question

Dr. Wolfe requests that as many students as possible submit electronically the answer to the reflection question on the Final Examination.  Students may click on the “Contact” tab above and send their answers to him via email.

Here is the question, worth 10 points on the 7th grade exam and 20 points on the 8th grade exam.

Thinking back over your experiences in music class this semester, write a brief reflection on anything of value you are taking away from your time.  Remember that music class included, but was not limited to, the elements listed below.  While you may wish to use the list to spur your memory, you need not limit your response to these items. 

  • Music theory (reading and analyzing printed music)
  • Music appreciation (the listening CDs)
  • Concert reviews of live performances
  • Dictation
  • Sight-reading (junior high) and sight-singing (high school)
  • Improvising (making up melodies to poetry in junior high and learning to sing harmonies in high school)
  • Recorder technique (in junior high), vocal technique (in high school)
  • Performing quizzes in preparation for the concert
  • Performance before live audiences.

The last moment to submit answers electronically is Thursday, May 21, 2014, 11:59 p.m.  Students also may opt to hand write their answers on the final examination at the time of their tests.