Does Classical Music Prevent Violence?

Listen to the last part of a 3-minute broadcast on a recent report from Britain suggesting that it does.

Research exists indicating that agitated behavior in nursing home patients is reduced by calming music.  And music therapy now is pretty much a fixture in psychological treatment of various disorders and disabilities.

While solid research about the effect of classical music on potentially violent behavior among the general populace seems hard to find, anecdotes and proposals abound.

Clearly, more research is needed!

Music Concerts Discounts

Hayden’s Ferry Chamber Music Series is offering tickets at a favored rate to Tempe Prep students and their families.

For each concert students pay $10 and parents and staff pay the series price of $20, reduced from $25 for single ticket purchasers.  For the Strings and Ballerinas concert in the Theater on January 11, 2015, the pirce is $5 for everyone.  Students and associates must telephone the Tempe Center for the Arts box office at 480-350-2822 and identify themselves with their Tempe Prep connection to buy their tickets.  There is a $1 per ticket fee that applies.

In addition to the wonderful performances, these Sunday-afternoon concerts are surrounded by art and easy, free parking. The printed programs are beautiful and informative.  A glass of soda (and wine for adults) at the post-concert reception is included in the ticket price.  Students and adults have the opportunity to visit with the artists and enjoy the fantastic view of Tempe Town Lake.

For more information, visit Hayden’s Ferry Chamber Music web site, also accessible through the Music Class Downloads page.

New Piano Teacher in Town

Ms. Kara Routley stopped by the faculty house to let me know she has openings in her piano studio.  If you are interested in meeting this talented and accomplished teacher, who has a Masters of Music from ASU, please contact her at 602-832-2440 or  Her studio is north of the 202 freeway between Rural and McClintock.

KBAQ, Our Valley’s Cultural Jewel

This article is to inform you about a cultural jewel here in the Valley of the Sun: KBAQ, our classical music station.

Pronounced “Kay-Bach,” here are some of the features of this great channel:

  • This Week in Classical Music — the latest in the world of Classical Music.  Whether it’s the world of high-end musical instruments or this startling story of a pianist’s worst nightmare, this is a great feature of KBAQ
  • Theatre reviews of productions around the valley.  One of our own students was in the Hale’s production of The Miracle Worker, which received a glowing review.
  • Book notes on new, music-related publications
  • Oh, and I almost forgot to mention — the most beautiful music from the past several centuries, playing 24/7, free of charge

KBAQ is available at 89.5 on the FM dial, at, and on broadcast television digital channel 8.4.  The latter also telecasts beautiful still pictures of our Arizona landscape.

I’m not getting anything for posting this article, except the satisfaction of helping some of my readers find a wonderful cultural resource.  If you have comments, please let me know.

New Cantamus Mailing List

I just sent out an email to everyone I think needs to be on the Cantamus email list.  If you did not receive an email and think you should, or if you did and think you shouldn’t, or if you want me to add someone, please let me know by contacting me here.