Cantamus Schedule for Rest of Semester

Congratulations again on a successful event, “La Vita d’Amore”! And thank you to each singer who participated in the debriefing yesterday morning.

At the rehearsal, I asked that each singer complete a form to verify your participation in “La Vita d’Amore.” This is important because it will effect whether I can give you a discounted fee for the spring Disney trip. If you did not complete the form, or if I somehow did not receive it, please see Mrs. Ashton, or whoever is at the receptionist’s desk in the front office. Extra forms are there on the desk. Please complete it and have it placed in my mailbox in the faculty house.

I also indicated that I would look at rehearsal attendance first semester to determine if additional discounts are appropriate.

Next week we begin our modified schedule. There will be no rehearsals for the entire choir until the beginning of second semester, Tuesday, January 6, 2015. Students who are participating in Solo and Ensemble Festival, or Regional Choir auditions, or who want to participate in my sight singing workshops, will be meeting during our regular rehearsal times on Tuesday and Thursday, 7-8am. We will plan to organize our rehearsal schedule for the rest of the semester on Tuesday.

Again, thanks for your outstanding work as singers and musicians!

Cantamus Schedule this Week

What a successful night!  Thank you to each and every one of you for your contributions, singers and parents alike, to make “La Vita d’Amore” such an achievement.

Tuesday, we will delay our starting time to 7:30.  We will plan to do three things:

  • Verify your attendance and help at “La Vita d’Amore,” important because only participants in “La Vita d’Amore” qualify for a discount on the Disney trip
  • Debrief the Saturday event
  • I’ll announce the rehearsal schedule for the rest of the semester

If everyone comes on time, which is 30 minutes later than our usual start time, we should be finished well before our usual end time of 7:50.

See you then!

Schedule this week

10th-11th Music Class Concert Information

Thursday evening is the public concert for the 10th and 11th grade music classes, and it promises to be a most enjoyable evening.  Here is some information you need to have for the concert to be successful.

Parent monitors: each year we ask at least one parent from each section (10a, 10b, 10c, and so on) to serve the students by monitoring them during the cast call and concert.  It mostly involves watching the students and making note of any unusually admirable or untoward behavior.  If you can serve in this way, please contact Mrs. Wilkison (for 10a or 10c) or Dr. Wolfe (use the contact button above; for 10b, 11a, 11b, and 11c).  There is a brief training session at 5:45 to make it easy for you to monitor and also to enjoy the concert.

Performance venue: is “TPA Auditorium at Redemption” (formerly known as EdOptions).  It is on the northwest corner of Southern and Price, about 1.5 miles east of the TPA Campus at 2150 East Southern.  The tech rehearsal also is in this auditorium.

Cast call: is at 6:00 p.m. at the auditorium.  Punctuality is important for students to do well at the concert.  The concert itself begins at 7:00 p.m.

Concert attire: this is the standard concert attire for TPA concerts.  It is described in the course description (signed by you at the beginning of the semester) and on TPA’s online calendar in the event description here.

Tech rehearsal: we are trying a new approach to the tech rehearsal this year, rehearsing with the 10th and 11th grade (mostly) separately.  Bus transportation is provided by TPA both ways for the 10th grade students and one way (to the rehearsal) for the 11th grade.  Parents will need pick up 11th grade students at the end of the rehearsal at 2:45 at the auditorium. A permission slip is required of all students riding the bus.  Additional paperwork is required of students who wish to drive themselves to the rehearsal.  No church or school staff is provided to supervise students who remain at the auditorium beyond the pickup time.

Prepare to have a lovely time Thursday evening.  The students seem excited about their concert and I anticipate a beautiful evening.  Admission is free and the concert is open to the public.

Music Class Bus Permission and Exemption

10th and 11th Grade Music Class students are scheduled to travel to the concert venue on Thursday during school for their tech rehearsal.  TPA is providing bus transportation and a bus permission form is required for students to be allowed on the bus.  The form is due back to the teacher tomorrow, Wednesday, November 19. 

The 11th grade tech rehearsal occurs at the end of the school day, so parents will need to pick up 11th grade students at the concert venue.

The bus permission form, required of all students is here.

The bus permission exemption form, an additional form required of students who wish to or need to drive themselves to the rehearsals is here.

Both forms are due back to the teacher tomorrow, Wednesday, November 19. 

Information about the location of the concert venue is on the TPA Online Calendar, available through the TPA Links button above.

Cantamus Countdown

Here are the events singers and parents need to know:

Tomorrow at rehearsal 11/18/14, 7:00 a.m.:

  • Rehearsal
  • Photo shoot.  Arrive at Zelman for rehearsal in your concert attire.  Walk to Hollis Park when I dismiss you for the shoot.
  • Walk back and change into school uniforms.  Hang your concert attire in the music storage room.

Thursday rehearsal, 11/20/14, 7:00 a.m.:

  • Last run-through of music
  • Final soloist decisions
  • Sign ups for special jobs (such as serving, raffle ticket sales).

Saturday, 11/22/14

  • 12:00 noon: Set up of hall begins.  This is not required of all singers or parents, only the ones who signed up to do it.
  • 4:00: dress rehearsal and run through with orchestra.  Singers in their red Cantamus shirts
  • 4:45: Performers’ supper — bring your own sack supper
  • 5:00: Server training
  • 5:15: Singers change outfits as necessary
  • 5:30: Doors open
  • 6:00: Dinner is served; raffle ticket sales
  • 6:15: Dinner concert begins
  • 7:15: Formal concert begins
  • 8:15: (approximately) Clean up the hall; all singers help

La Vita d’Amore! Invite, donate!

Fundraising event to support the Performing Arts

Tickets are available here .

La Vita d’Amore November 22 promises to be the most elegant, the most fun, and the most exciting evening we’ve ever produced.

  • Food provided in part by award-winning Tempe restaurant VinciTorio’s is donating hundreds of dollars of exquisite Italian cuisine.
  • Merchants are generously contributing to the success of the evening.
  • Cantamus Parent Council members has been putting together a wonderful, memorable evening.
  • The singers have never sounded better for a fundraising event.

We simply have to call it a Gala this year!

Please invite people from outside the TPA community.  This fundraising gala is an opportunity for people to make a difference in the lives of young people and to hear some beautiful music!  Tickets are available 24/7 here while they last.

  • Uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, anyone related who lives in the area
  • Neighbors (they might be curious as to what goes on at TPA)
  • Colleagues at work (one of our students’ businesses is purchasing a table and bringing their employees to the concert)
  • Friends from city sports leagues, synagogue, church, Kiwanis, other social groups

Please consider making a donation in advance of the event to cover some of our overhead.  Families can contribute one or two tax credit donations.  Donations can be made through the TPA web site .  Scroll down and choose “Community Investment Fund”; designate “Extra Curricular Clubs” and type “La Vita d’Amore” in the comment line.

Thank you for your support of the Performing Arts at TPA.

La Vita d’Amore Tickets Available!

TPA Performing Arts Fundraising Gala, November 22

Tickets are now available online:  Quantities are limited.

TPA Performing Arts Department presents La Vita d’Amore, Saturday, November 22, featuring Cantamus, Sinfonia, student performers and …

Italian cuisine provided by VinciTorio’s Ristorante and served by our own Cantamus camerieri (waiters).

  • Doors open at 5:30
  • Dinner served at 6:00
  • Concert begins at 7:00 (approximately)

Note: if you’re planning to go to the football game that afternoon, plan to relax that evening with wonderful cuisine, charming company, and beautiful music!

As a member of our TPA Community of Learners, please think of some special people outside of our community who would love to be invited to enjoy a special celebration of life, of love, and of our wonderful students!  Bring them with you!

Thank you for your support of the Performing Arts at TPA!

La Vita d’Amore Tickets, Helpers

Our fundraising gala this year, La Vita d’Amore November 22 is organized by the Cantamus Parent Council.  It promises to be the most elegant, the most fun, and the most exciting evening we’ve ever produced!

Here is the team of parents that is working on the evening:

  • Mr. Reed Stough: publicity, tickets
  • Mrs. Tamra Gaylor: decorations (she would like some help!)
  • Mrs. GayLynn Piechaczek: oversight, raffle, VinciTorio’s contact, food presentation
  • Mrs. Cindy Carter, Mr. Joel DeCiancio: finances
  • Mr. Joel DeCiancio, Mrs. Maya Putrasahan: setup, preliminaries
  • Mr. Reuben Elias, Mrs. Sarah Cedarface: cleanup
  • Mrs. Tona Stough, Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Urias: VIP tables and other

If you would like to join any of these teams (particularly decorations), please contact me

Tickets are expected to be available online middle of this week.

Cantamus Announcements

Please note the following announcements as we approach our busiest time of the semester!

  • Football game 11/15/14: please respond to the email with a “yes” (meaning, yes, I’ll be there) or “no” (meaning, no, I won’t)
  • Part check and uniform check: this happens tomorrow in rehearsal.  Part check is “Gloria,” pages 8-9
  • Help with online ticket sales: we need someone immediately to help by setting up online ticket purchases for “La Vita d’Amore”
  • Solo and Ensemble Festival: please check your email for a confirmation of your registration
  • Regional Choir Auditions: please check your email for a confirmation of your registration.  Deadline to register is Friday, November 14.