Music Class Reflection Question

I invite students in 10b, 11a, 11b, and 11c music classes to read over and consider the reflection question on the final exam.

The answer to the question counts significantly in the exam grade.  It will go in the student’s portfolio file and I often quote from it when writing the semester narrative evaluation. The answer to the reflection question is due with the rest of the final examination. 

The four portfolio projects for this semester were:

  1. Singing quiz near the beginning of the semester
  2. Singing quiz near midterm
  3. The public concert
  4. The reflection question on the final exam

The final examination is one of two tests this quarter (the other being the public performance).

Chamber Recital, Last Day of Cantamus

Tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m. is our annual chamber recital, featuring soloists and a duet to be entered into the Solo and Ensemble Festival for adjudication.  The public is welcome, especially family and friends.  Performers include Christopher Moffit, tenor; Gyllian Gaylor, soprano; Miriam Gregg, soprano; Nathanael Stough, bass; Gabriela Urias, soprano; and Nasrynn Chowdhury, soprano.

Thursday’s rehearsal of Cantamus will be a sight singing workshop.  While all members and potential members of Cantamus are welcome, singers who are auditioning for regional choir especially are invited to attend.

Thursday’s meeting will be the last for the semester.  It’s been an outstanding semester and the spring promises to be even better!