Congratulations, regional performers!

Congratulations to Nasrynn, Christopher, and PJ in the Regional Honor Choir and Josephine and Aimee in the Regional Orchestra!  The performance yesterday at Boyle Auditorium was absolutely beautiful!

There were only three singers in the entire 100-voice Regional Choir who sang with the Regional Choir all four years of their high school careers — Nasrynn and Christopher from Tempe Prep were two of them!  Out of 21 schools represented in the choir, that’s phenomenal!

Updated Concert List

An updated concert list is now available, with 28 additional concerts that were not scheduled at the time of the first posting.  Most of the concerts are at ASU and some of them are free admission.

Before going to a concert be sure to consult the performing organization‘s web site for last-minute changes in ticket prices, venue, scheduling, and cancellations.

Regional Concert OK for Concert Review

To qualify for review, concerts must be live, classical concerts performed by college students and above.  The one exception is the Regional Choir, Band, and Orchestra concert, because the level of high school performers is so high.  This concert qualifies for review.

TPA has 5 students performing in this amazing concert, which is tomorrow.

AMEA Southwest Regional Choir, Band, and Orchestra concert:

  • Date: tomorrow, Saturday, February 20
  • Time: 4:00 p.m.
  • Venue: Boyle Auditorium at McClintock High School (just down the street from TPA)
  • Admission: $5
  • Order of performers: Choir, Band, then Orchestra

Each segment of the concert (choir, band, orchestra) typically is 1 hour in length and the auditorium tends to be standing room only, so go early to the portion of the concert you want to hear.

Brilliant Young Performer on Valentine’s Day

Mrs. Catherine Hayden, friend of TPA and producer of the elegant Hayden’s Ferry Chamber Music series, wrote me this note to pass on to you:

Please come to hear Hungarian pianist Daniel Lebhardt play on Sunday, February 14th, at 2:30 pm. This 23 year old is a 2014 winner of Young Concert Artists International Auditions. He gave his Wigmore Hall recital debut in May of 2015 as a result of winning the Royal Academy of Music’s prestigious Patrons Award. He will play Beethoven’s Sonata No. 16 in G Major, op. 31 no. 1, Liszt’s epic B Minor Sonata and a new work by Young Concert Artists composer in residence, Tonia Ko.

We will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a cake for all ticket holders at the wine reception following the performance. For tickets please refer to the website and click on “buy tickets,” $25 for adults and $10 for students. There is a $3 ticketing fee. You could also call the box office at 480-350-2822 for which the ticketing fee is $1.  Please remind your students that their parents get a reduced price of $20 by quoting “charter school” when they buy tickets.  This goes for staff members too.

All of the concerts produced by Hayden’s Ferry Chamber Music Society are acceptable for review.

Portfolio Projects at TPA

Students of the Fine Arts at TPA participate in portfolio projects.  This is in compliance with state board of education requirements.  The portfolio project is in addition to the pre-test and post test structure.

The pre-test and post-test structure is an apples-to-apples, quantitative comparison to assess students’ progress through the course of the semester: students take almost the same written test (apples-to-apples) at the beginning and ending of the semester, resulting in a numeric (quantitative) assessment of student progress.

The portfolio project is not necessarily an apples-to-apples comparison and it is more qualitative (descriptive) than the pre-test and post-test comparison.  The playing quizzes and the concert performance are examples of opportunities for qualitative assessment.

Samples of students’ work, called “artifacts,” are stored electronically and used to assess both individual student progress and teacher performance qualitatively.  In music class, we plan for four artifacts:

  • Artifact 1: about the 3rd week of class, playing quiz
  • Artifact 2: about the end of the first quarter, playing quiz
  • Artifact 3: near the end of the semester, public concert of the whole class
  • Artifact 4: on the final examination, each student’s written self-assessment of what has been learned that is of value

Since music class investigates both music theory and performance, we will assess students’ work in both areas.  The primary assessment of music theory is done through the written pre-test and post-test, and is quantitative.  The primary assessment of performance is done through the portfolio, and is qualitative.  The TPA administration and the state use both assessments of student achievement to evaluate teacher effectiveness.

Performances (Artifacts 1, 2, and 3) are recorded on video.

Procedures for Artifacts 1 and 2 likely are as follows:

  1. The entire class plays the piece to be used in the portfolio
  2. One at a time, students play a phrase or two of the song for the camera
  3. The entire class performs the song again, in the nature of a refrain

Students and teacher use the same rubric for assessing performing quizzes, including Artifacts 1-3.  Students assess their own performances (not their colleagues’).  The rubric is in the course description and is handed out the day of the performing quiz.

On request, videos are available for students to view themselves.  Parents also may see their student’s performance on request.