Music Class Reflection Question

Reflection question: The student is asked to document his or her “sense of wonder” and “depth of inquiry” by answering the following prompt:

“What have you learned that is of value in music class this semester?”


  1. While I enjoy hearing compliments about my teaching and sometimes can benefit from criticism, this is not the forum for either.
  2. On several occasions at the conclusion of class, I invited students to articulate what they were taking away from the lesson.  Each time was an invitation to practice answering this prompt.
  3. The answer to this reflection question affects the student’s grade in the course since,  as explained in the course description, “sense of wonder” and “depth of inquiry” are key values in the class and at TPA.
  4. The answer must be coherent enough for me to understand it.  For example, proper grammar tends to make an argument more coherent; incorrect grammar tends to obscure the student’s point.
  5. A scan of the answer to this question is intended to go in the student’s permanent portfolio file.
  6. The answer is to be no longer than about one handwritten page, or about two-thirds of a typed double-spaced page in 12 point font.
  7. The answer may be written at the time of the final examination or prepared ahead of time and brought to the final.
  8. Responses may include anything in the class that:
  • sparked your imagination
  • you were happy about learning
  • changed your mind
  • inspired creativity
  • helped you see a bigger picture
  • you could connect with other areas of your life.

Remember that music class included, but was not limited to, the elements listed below.  While you may wish to use the list to spur your memory, you need not limit your response to these items.

  • Music theory (reading and analyzing printed music)
  • Music appreciation (the listening CDs)
  • Concert reviews of live performances
  • Dictation
  • Sight-reading (in junior high) and sight-singing (in high school)
  • Improvising (making up melodies to poetry in junior high and learning to sing harmonies in high school)
  • Recorder technique (in junior high), vocal technique (in high school)
  • Performing quizzes in preparation for the concert
  • Performance before live audience.

Make sure to include in the typed response: the student’s signature, name, section, and date.