Jupiter is a new tool for students, parents, teachers

This year TPA started using a new student database that may make it easier for students and parents to track assignments, due dates, and grades.  Jupiter also includes a messaging system that makes it easier for teachers to send messages to their classes.

If you have yet to try it out, go here and click on the “Parent” tab or the “Student” tab.  Follow the login steps emailed to you by the TPA administration.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

MET Concertmaster to perform here in March

Ms. Catherine Hayden, producer of the Hayden’s Ferry Chamber Music Series, contacted me with the exciting news that the new, young concertmaster of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra is scheduled to perform here in March.  Here’s what she wrote me:

Nikki Chooi, playing violin sonatas on March 5, 2017, has just been appointed concertmaster of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra!  Hayden’s Ferry Chamber Music Series seeks to identify rising stars as well as feature performers with international careers. Nikki has just proven himself to be a shooting star!

You can still buy the five concert season for the reduced price of $100 which includes a glass of wine or soda pop at the post concert reception. Individual tickets are $25 for adults, $10 for students. Call the TCA box office on 480-350-2822 to reserve your tickets.  The “charter school” quotation to the box office will allow adults accompanying students and all staff to buy adult tickets for $20.

All of the Hayden’s Ferry concerts are approved for review.