Urgent: return this form tomorrow!

Monday is the tech rehearsal for the fall concert!

Parents, please download, sign and return by tomorrow the bus information form here,  if possible.

10th Grade Students: will need to be dropped off at Redemption Church TPA Auditorium on Monday no later than 8am.  They will take the bus back to campus for the rest of the day.

11th Grade Students: will take the bus from TPA to the auditorium and back to TPA.  They should be dropped off at TPA as normal.

Please see the detailed schedule by clicking on the event 11/27/17 Tech Rehearsal on TPA’s online calendar.


Recording of “Awake” in our key

All of the recordings on the Music Class Downloads page of “Awake the Harp” by Haydn are in the original key of D Major.  We’re singing it in C Major, which is a little more accessible for high school voices.  Mrs. Wilkison found a recording of a high school choir performing it in C, so I put it on the blog with the other “Awakes.”  Find it there now to practice with it.