Cantamus Council

Cantamus Council met 9/30/10.  We discussed the following.

  • Luau. Council members will be calling their section members to come onto this blog and vote for the time and to volunteer for jobs.  We need parents to vote on the time for the luau and to sign up to help. Please see Cantamus Downloads for the links to these polls.  You will need your password to access this site.
  • Great Hearts Honor Choir. The date, Saturday, February 12, 2011, conflicts with the possible date for our Cantamus trip.  The council’s feeling was that they want to do both, so perhaps we need to look for a different date for the trip.
  • Cantamus Trip. Educationally valuable experiences include concerts and recording sessions.  A recording session similar to the one two years ago is possible.  Dr. Wolfe will investigate possibilities for trips once the luau is well under way.  A fun time at Disneyland is also in the plan.

Members present: Brandon, Katie C., Lukas, Megan, Melanie, Natalia, Peter B., Philip W.

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