Cantamus Disney News

All Cantamus members:

Please return this form by Friday, whether you’re planning to go or not.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth your while to go, look at Disney – Why Go?

I am still in the process of setting the price, so I can’t give you a definite figure yet. It will be about $220 or less. You will have the opportunity on the registration form (not yet available) to request a discount based on: 1) participation in “On Broadway” and 2) whether you were a registered member of Cantamus first semester.

Financial hardship cases: please contact me directly and confidentially.

Note: chaperones (usually parents of Cantamus members) and younger siblings are welcome to join us, as room on the bus permits. The cost per chaperone and per younger sibling last year was $100 each. I expect a similar price this year.

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