Cantamus Dresses — September 18

We’ll be ordering new dresses for any of the girls who need them.¬† Girls can be measured for their dresses on September 18, Tuesday.

We have a very limited number of used dresses which sell for $35. New dresses are $71.50 (dress $63, belt $5, buckle $3.50)

Ties for the boys are $15 and we’ll have some at the rehearsal on the 18th for purchase. Boys must obtain their own black slacks, plus a black long-sleeve, broadcloth shirt with standard collar (NOT button-down collar.)

Please bring a check on Sept 18, made out to Tempe Preparatory Academy, to buy what you need.  Dresses must be paid for before they are ordered.

Parents, please let Louise Wolfe know if you can:

  • Help her on Sept 18 in Zelman
  • Help with the uniform money
  • Pick up the new dresses when they are finished – near Elliot and Priest around October 15
  • Help hem dresses for gals who have no way to do it

Our first performance is on October 19, so, whether your new to Cantamus or a returning  singer, be sure you have your concert uniform in shape well before that date!

4 Replies to “Cantamus Dresses — September 18”

  1. I would be happy to help Louise on Thursday, 9/18 with Cantamus uniform orders and money. Please confirm what time you would like me to arrive. Thanks!
    -Cindy Carter

  2. I’m definitely interested in looking at the used uniforms for Nasrynn. Also, Dr. Wolfe and/or Louise, I’m happy to help out, I need to know a specific window of time on those dates, 9/18 and 10/15, if you will. I haven’t a machine to hem but if it’s absolutely necessary I can hem by hand.
    Thanks. This is exciting for new members of Cantamus!

  3. Is there a place to hang used dresses? Will girls be trying used dresses on at the school?
    Is there a way to announce that we have a used dress size 4-6 to see if anyone is interested in advance ? If you would like you may give out my telephone #

  4. I am definitely interested in a used dress for my daughter. Please let me know when and where the fitting will take place and if there are any used dresses available. Thanks!!!

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