Cantamus Final Rehearsals

The performance of On Broadway with Sinfonia is Saturday! The Cantamus parent council has been working hard on the behind-the-scenes and non-musical portions of the program.

Rehearsal Schedule

  • Tuesday 7am, Room 301: Cantamus: Habanera; Major General; One Day More
  • Tuesday 3pm, Room 301: Soloists (for the concert)
  • Wednesday 7am, Room 302: Cantamus Jazz: Westside Story Suite
  • Wednesday 3pm, Room 301: Dinner Soloists and Acts: Run through and rehearsal
  • Thursday 7am, Room 301: Cantamus: Sunrise, Sunset, Poor Wandering One, When a Felon’s, All Good Gifts, Go the Distance
  • Thursday 3pm, Room 301: Soloists (for the concert)
  • Friday 7am, Room 301: Everyone: Run-through
  • Saturday 3:30pm, Davidson Center: Everyone: Dress rehearsal

Important! This is production week and everyone needs to come to his or her rehearsals. If you have tutoring scheduled already and it conflicts with your rehearsal, reschedule (this week only). If you have athletic practice that conflicts with your rehearsal, inform your coach that I am requiring you to be at the rehearsal (this week only; if you need me to contact your coach for you, I’ll do so). We are working on choreography and final touches; if someone is missing, that affects everyone. Be there!

Posters and Post Cards

I will have for you at tomorrow’s rehearsal posters and postcards. I want everyone in Cantamus to take at least one postcard and give it to a person outside of your immediate family. This will serve as the invitation to the event. It’s easy! You must do this.


Everyone in Cantamus will be serving dinner Saturday night. This is very cool and you will wear your red Cantamus T-Shirt (with dark trousers) to do this. Mr. Giandiletti is coordinating the food service. His instructions and information is here.


Saturday is the event, and everyone who can help during the day with set up and preparation, and afterwards with cleanup, is needed. Parents, this means you, too! We have a core of dedicated parents who are getting everything ready so helping will be easy and fun. We all would dearly appreciate it if you would sign up in advance at our Performing Arts Shutterfly site or email Mrs. Tona Stough.

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