Cantamus Luau Info

Go to Cantamus Downloads page (you will need your password) to find out about the luau and how you can help.  Your participation — whether you are a parent or a student — will make the luau possible and successful.  If we don’t have enough interest to host this event, we’ll cancel it.  Vote on the time on October 30 and sign up to help.

We want lots of guests from the TPA community.  This event is not just for Cantamus and parents.  With your help, we can have a great and memorable time together — and raise funds to help with the anticipated trip spring semester.

Note: Cantamus council meets Thursday, September 30, 3-4pm, Room 302.

Please sign up for where you can help. We need a coordinator for each category, and helpers for each category. For example, the FOOD coordinator would give people suggestions on what to bring, be sure we get a variety and enough food, when and where to bring the food, how the buffet will be set up, etc. We will be inviting the whole TPA Community, encouraging them to bring friends, and hope for a good turn-out.

Edward: k

Louise: I just changed the wording to Coord. Check it out and let me know what else needs to be changed. I’ll go shower now.

Edward: Looks good. I’ll put a link to it, and to the timing poll, on the password protected part of the blog.

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