Cantamus men tomorrow, Council notes

Tomorrow Men of Cantamus rehearse, 7am sharp!

Cantamus Council met today for a very brief meeting.  Here’s what we quickly discussed:

1.       Get-acquainted party – great job Melanie!

2.       ASU Workshop – great experience

3.       Trip –February 11–13 tentative date; considerations for planning this trip include:

  • Educational value: the trip must have some educational value, and may also incorporate fun.
  • Board approval: the TPA board must approve any trip we take with TPA students
  • Expenses: seniors already have their hands full with senior trip expenses
  • Date for the concept: we probably had better plan on Dr. Wolfe presenting this to the board by the October 6 meeting.  Before he can do that, he must get headmaster approval.

4.       Solo and Ensemble, Regional festivals

  • Deadline for registration is November 10
  • Mrs. Joslin is available to help coach singers for sight-singing

5.       Luau fund raiser

  • Date of October 2 is too early; perhaps October 30?
  • Dr. Wolfe found Islands music; to be learned by small groups
  • Plans for food

6.       National anthem at game – October 22, homecoming.  As many of Cantamus performing as we can have.

Next council meeting: Thursday, September 30, 3:00 p.m., Room 302

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