Cantamus Plans for the Week

We’ll have our regular Tuesday, Thursday full Cantamus rehearsals at 7-8am.

12:20 – 12:35 Rehearsals and Council Meeting in the Zelman Center

  • MondayO Sole Mio solos (Phillip, Gennaro)
  • TuesdayLaudamus Te (Rosalie, Julie, Anna, Elayne)
  • WednesdayCantamus Student Council: look at the repertoire for Cantamus, Camerata, Cantamus Jazz, Women of Cantamus, Men in Black (Brandon, Elayne, Victoria, Phillip, Ali, Caroline, Anna, Annie, Gab, Josh, Katie, Christian, Rosalie, Aubri)
  • ThursdayAlto solo Qui sedes (Caroline, Annie Ortiz)
  • FridayVittoria (Brandon, Phillip, Caroline, Annie Ortiz, Gab Ortiz, Jack Gilloon)

Next Monday….

  • Monday, October 3Camerata (Annie, Caroline, Brandon, Jack, Elayne, Rosalie, Phillip, Josh Putrasahan)

Party at the Drury home on Saturday, October 1, 12 noon -3:00 p.m.  

Both the parent council and the student council of Cantamus thought it a good idea to have a party to give everybody a chance to have a good time and also to get to know one another a little better.  Plan to be there!  Please bring some food to share.  You may want to bring a bathing suit if the weather is not too cold (!).

You will need to RSVP to Mrs. Drury at debbieJ109*** in order to get directions.  Please let her know if you will or if you won’t be coming.  (You’ll need to use the at sign before aol; I used *** to try to fool spam robots.)

If you can’t stay the whole time, it’s OK to come and go as you are able.

Busy week!

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