Cantamus Schedule for Rest of Semester

Congratulations again on a successful event, “La Vita d’Amore”! And thank you to each singer who participated in the debriefing yesterday morning.

At the rehearsal, I asked that each singer complete a form to verify your participation in “La Vita d’Amore.” This is important because it will effect whether I can give you a discounted fee for the spring Disney trip. If you did not complete the form, or if I somehow did not receive it, please see Mrs. Ashton, or whoever is at the receptionist’s desk in the front office. Extra forms are there on the desk. Please complete it and have it placed in my mailbox in the faculty house.

I also indicated that I would look at rehearsal attendance first semester to determine if additional discounts are appropriate.

Next week we begin our modified schedule. There will be no rehearsals for the entire choir until the beginning of second semester, Tuesday, January 6, 2015. Students who are participating in Solo and Ensemble Festival, or Regional Choir auditions, or who want to participate in my sight singing workshops, will be meeting during our regular rehearsal times on Tuesday and Thursday, 7-8am. We will plan to organize our rehearsal schedule for the rest of the semester on Tuesday.

Again, thanks for your outstanding work as singers and musicians!

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