Congratulations Cantamus for a Great Finish!

Congratulations to Cantamus for finishing the year so well! The program was well attended and well received by everyone from whom I heard. Here’s a sample of comments I heard:

Cantamus Jazz: “Westside Story Suite” was interrupted twice by applause. “Wow! They really worked hard on that one!”

Camerata: “El Grillo was very cool.”

Women of Cantamus: “Chattanooga was great!”

Men in Black: “That was awesome” (including from Junior High Students). “That was great, having all of the men sing it!”

Student conductors Phillip and Christian: “They’re going after your [Dr. Wolfe’s] job!

Haydn’s “Awake the Harp:” “What a great piece!” “Great way to end the program!” “Impressive!”

Some people expressed surprise at how beautiful the program was; others seemed to have the attitude, “of course they were great: they are Cantamus!”

It’s been a pleasure serving as director of this fine group!

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