La Vita d’Amore Tickets, Helpers

Our fundraising gala this year, La Vita d’Amore November 22 is organized by the Cantamus Parent Council.  It promises to be the most elegant, the most fun, and the most exciting evening we’ve ever produced!

Here is the team of parents that is working on the evening:

  • Mr. Reed Stough: publicity, tickets
  • Mrs. Tamra Gaylor: decorations (she would like some help!)
  • Mrs. GayLynn Piechaczek: oversight, raffle, VinciTorio’s contact, food presentation
  • Mrs. Cindy Carter, Mr. Joel DeCiancio: finances
  • Mr. Joel DeCiancio, Mrs. Maya Putrasahan: setup, preliminaries
  • Mr. Reuben Elias, Mrs. Sarah Cedarface: cleanup
  • Mrs. Tona Stough, Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Urias: VIP tables and other

If you would like to join any of these teams (particularly decorations), please contact me

Tickets are expected to be available online middle of this week.

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