Music Class Final Exam Reflection Question

Students in Dr. Wolfe’s music classes will see the following reflection question on their Final Exam.  Students are permitted to answer it early by email, sending their answers to Dr. Wolfe at the Contact button above.   Or they may hand write their answers on the Final Exam itself.  Either way, students are encouraged to give thoughtful responses, since the answer counts significantly in the Final Exam total and may also appear in the semester evaluation.

Here’s the question:

Reflection question: Thinking back over your entire experience in music class(es) at TPA, write a brief (one or two paragraph) reflection on anything of value you are taking away from your time.  Remember that music classes included, but were not limited to the elements listed below.  While you may wish to use the list to spur your memory, you need not limit your response to these items.  (20 points)

  • Music theory (reading and analyzing printed music)
  • Music appreciation (the listening CDs)
  • Concert reviews of live performances
  • Dictation
  • Sight-reading and sight-singing
  • Improvising (learning to sing harmonies, making up melodies to poetry)
  • Recorder technique (in junior high), vocal technique (in high school)
  • Performance before live audiences.

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