Music Class Schedule

Here is the schedule for the final week of Quarter 1 for my music classes:


  • Monday: Quiz 8, Tonal Names.  Homework: HW40: Pp. 111-112
  • Tuesday: Homework: HW41: Pp. 116-117
  • Wednesday: Portfolio Project recordings.  Homework: HW42: Study for Test 3
  • Thursday: Test 3, Chapter 3.  Last day to record homework.  No homework
  • Friday: Begin preparations for concert.  No homework.


  • Monday: Homework: HW40: Pp. 339-340 (qualities of triads)
  • Tuesday: Quiz 09 Qualities of triads in major. Homework: HW41: Pp. 343-4
  • Wednesday: Portfolio Project Recordings.  Homework: HW42: Pp. 348-9
  • Thursday:  Quiz 10 Chapter 7 terms (not for credit).  Last day to record homework.  Homework: Study for Test 3
  • Friday: Test 3 (Chapter 7)

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