Music Classes Planned Schedule for Next Week

Here are the plans I shared with my 7th and 8th grade students.  Note: plans do sometimes change due to student absences and other variables. 

7th Grade

  • Monday, 3/4. In class: Quiz 3: Scale Construction, Rehearsal.  Homework 38: Pp. 81-82
  • Tuesday, 3/5. In class: Review Quiz 3.  Homework 39: Study for Test 3
  • Wednesday, 3/6. In class: Test 3 over Unit 3Homework 40: None
  • Thursday, 3/7. In class: begin Unit 4, repertoire; Test 3 over Unit 3 (makeup for those who have been absent).  Homework 41: To be determined
  • Friday, 3/8.  In class: Repertoire; Test 3 over Unit 3 (second makeup for those who have been absent).  Homework 42: To be determined

We have had so many absences in 7b that I decided to schedule makeup sessions for the Test.  We hopefully will not need the second one!

8th Grade

  • Monday, 3/4.  In class: Quiz 7: Major and relative key signatures. Pp. 107-108.  Homework 38: Pp. 109-110
  • Tuesday, 3/5.  In class: Pp. 111-112.  Homework 39: Pp. 113-114
  • Wednesday, 3/6.  In class: Quiz 8: Chord factors and cadences.  Pp. 115-116.  Homework 40: Pp. 117-118
  • Thursday, 3/7.In class: Pp. 119-120. Review Quiz 8. Review for test.  Homework 41: Study for Test 3
  • Friday, 3/8.  In class: Test 3 over Unit 3.  Homework 42: None

After the tests, we will concentrate on getting our repertoire ready for the concert, which is on Wednesday, March 27!  It counts in the grade just like a test.

Note: In order to prepare for the concert, all 8th grade students need to obtain (or find) their own copies of Enjoy Your Recorder M-1 by the Trapp Family Singers.  (Yes, this is the same family we’ll be meeting in TPA’s production of The Sound of Music later this semester!)  Some of the repertoire for the small ensembles is chosen from this book.

Note: to see the forms you’ll use for your self-evaluation of playing quizzes and the concert, go to the Music Class Downloads tab and click on “Forms.”

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