Oklahoma! and Cantamus

TPA’s outstanding production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! included 38 students on the cast and crew: 16 are members of Cantamus!  Wow!  Here are our stars.  If I knew how to do it, I’d display their names in lights!

  • Brandon Ashton (Andrew Carnes)
  • Jeremy Cappello Lee (Cord Elam)
  • Elayne Drury (Ellen)
  • Maggie Drury (Ensemble)
  • Phillip Giandiletti (Ali Hakim, featured dancer)
  • Ben Gilloon (Jud)
  • Daniel Hiser (Slim)
  • Julie Looker (Kate)
  • Anna Medill (Vivian)
  • Annie Ortiz (Virginia)
  • Gab Ortiz (Ado Annie)
  • Jack Otting-Crandall (Fred)
  • Katie Ramsey (Gertie Cummings)
  • Rosalie Simoneau (Laurey)
  • TJ Smith (Orchestra clarinet)
  • Aubri Stough (Choreographer, ensemble)

Let’s hear it for our stars!

Please note: Cantamus rehearsals resume on Tuesday!

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