Welcome to 2017-2018

To all of my students and their parents–welcome to a brand new school year!

This blog is for you.  Over the course of the semester, you’ll find…

  • The course description for your class
  • Concerts that will be suitable for you to review (coming soon)
  • A description of the required concert attire
  • Forms you need, like the concert review form
  • Some wonderful recordings that may help you learn your music

As I have time, I hope to add some inspirational articles and links, too.

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Berlinsky plays piano quintets

I received the following special invitation from Mrs. Catherine Hayden, producer of the Hayden’s Ferry chamber music series and friend of TPA.

Next Sunday Dmitri Berlinsky will play piano quintets on Sunday April 23rd, 2:30 pm at the Tempe Center for the Arts. Mr. Berlinsky is the youngest winner in the history of the Paganini International Violin Competition. He performs with violinist Simon Gollo, violist Richard Young, cellist Natalia Khoma and pianist Leon Livshin. They will play Shostakovich’s Piano Quintet in G minor, op. 57 and Brahms’s Piano Quintet in F minor, op. 34.

We will celebrate the 192nd birthday of Tempe’s founder Charles Trumbull Hayden with a birthday cake for all at the reception.  Call the box office on 480-350-2822 for tickets. ($10 for students and accompanying adults and faculty at the season ticket price of $20 using the code “charter school.”

I look forward to seeing some of your Tempe Prep students at the concert!

Two Concerts for Review

I hope to have a list of concerts acceptable for review in the near future.  In the meantime, here are two that you may want to consider if you are a student (or parent) in 7th or 8th grade music:

  • Symphony of the Southwest, Neoclassic & Romantic Masterpieces, Saturday, February 18, 2017, 7:30 PM – Mesa Arts Center.  More information.
  • Hayden’s Ferry Chamber Music series presents pianist Jeffrey Swann playing Franz Schubert’s Sonata No. 18 in G Major, Liszt’s “Gretchen” from “A Faust Symphony” and the Mephisto Waltz No. 1.  Call box office on 480-350-2822 for a $10 student ticket; adult tickets are $25.  Sunday, January 22, 2017 2:30 PM – Tempe Center for the Arts Gallery Tempe, AZ.  More information.  Note: all of the Hayden’s Ferry chamber music concerts are acceptable for review.

Reviews are reported on the concert review form here.  Students under 16 at the time of the concert must be accompanied by parent or responsible adult.

Welcome, 7th and 8th Grade Music Students!

Welcome to a new year!  On this blog parents and students in TPA music classes can find:

  • Course descriptions (including contact information, performance and due dates, other)
  • Student concert attire (required at the concert in March)
  • Forms, including the concert review form
  • Audio files of possible repertoire songs for recorder students
  • List of concerts suitable for review (coming soon)

Go to the Music Class Downloads tab and browse the available resources.

Parents and students may subscribe to this blog by entering an email address in the field to the upper right of the screen.  I will notify you when I’ve posted something new.

Welcome again!  Let’s have a great semester!

Concert music for practicing is available

10th and 11th grade students may now use the recordings on the Music Class Downloads tab to practice for their public concert, coming up on November 22.  Use the links at the top of the page to find the piece you want to practice.

The following pieces are available:

  • Hallelujah chorus by Handel (recordings of all four parts separately are available for practice)
  • Non Nobis (with recordings of parts)
  • Gaudeamus igitur (with recordings of parts)
  • “Let Beauty Awake” (the girl’s piece, sung professionally by Wallis Giunta)
  • “The Vagabond” (the boy’s piece, sung professionally by Byrn Terfel)

Students need to practice these pieces with score in hand to learn them well for the concert.

European Masters dessert and concert

Each year since 2010 TPA’s Performing Arts Department has held an elegant fundraising event.

This year’s theme is “European Masters” and the program promises to be absolutely beautiful!  Works by Mozart, de Falla, Purcell, Schubert, Vivaldi, and Bach are featured.

The desserts promise to be elegant, too.

Go here to purchase “will call” tickets.

Money raised by the event is used to support Extracurricular Performing Arts at TPA.  Big ticket items for our department include the trip or trips that Cantamus takes; the production of a musical (this year it’s a play and less expensive); and to support our smaller ensembles that aren’t big enough to cover the stipends with participation fees.  Excess funds are carried forward to the next year.

Past spring productions have included Oklahoma!, The Sound of Music, Pirates of Penzance, and My Fair Lady.  This year’s play is Twelve Angry Men.

Get your tickets at tpaperformingarts.org .  This year there’s a possibility we’ll sell out, so get your tickets for “European Masters” soon.

Choral music goes to the heart of our humanity

Notable composer and conductor John Rutter, one of the greats of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, maintains that choral music is not “one of life’s frills”; rather a school or a church without a choir is like a body without a soul.

Hear his 4 minute rumination on the importance of music here.  Well worth the time!

Rutter’s works include: “For the Beauty of the Earth” (we’ve performed it); Requiem; and “Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind” (we’ve performed this one, too).

At Tempe Preparatory Academy we want all of our students to experience singing in a choir–and parents to experience hearing their students creating glorious choral art.

Key Signatures for Minor Keys

The Music Professor site has lessons for sale on various instruments, and pertinent to TPA music classes, music theory.

There are two sample video lessons here , 1 ½ and 5 ½ minutes each, that I invite you to try.  The one farther down the page has to do with key signatures for minor keys, a subject that mystifies some of my students.  Sometimes hearing something explained a little differently is helpful.

If you find this site of benefit to you, please let me know.

List of Concerts for Review is available

The list of concerts acceptable for review is right here.

All TPA music class students are required to review two concerts each semester.  This semester’s list presently includes 76 concerts, with more likely to be added as the semester progresses.

Go to the Music Class Downloads tab and click on the first link.

Both concert reviews are due any time before 3:00 p.m. on Friday, December 9, 2016.

Reviews must be submitted on the two-page Concert Review Form.