What a Beautiful Evening!

The Cantamus Luau was a lovely, elegant evening!  The printed program captures only a small part of the magic of the evening.  Our wonderful parents and students really pulled off a fine event.  From the beautiful food and decor, to the delightful music and dance, it was quite an evening!

We had a head count of 153 people at the food portion of the luau — about twice as many as I anticipated.  Yet, we seemed to have plenty of delicious food for everyone.

This was a fund-raising event!  Thanks to the generosity of our parent committee and guests, we raised $1,683!

Congratulations to all!


Luau Rehearsals

Wow!  Cantamus members did such a great job singing the National Anthem at Homecoming!  You learned this arrangement in only one day!

Here’s the rehearsal schedule for this week. We have a luau to get ready!

Ahay Tuburan – Wednesday lunch; Thursday lunch

Ahe Lau Makani – Tuesday lunch; Wednesday 7:30am

All of Cantamus (Aloha Oe, Hukilau, Two Filipino Folk Songs) – Tuesday morning, with run-through of whole program Thursday morning

Be sure you bring your Hawaiian shirts Tuesday morning.  I’d like to take a publicity photo, if possible, during rehearsal.

Cast call is 4pm on Saturday.  We’ll have time to run our program perhaps one more time.

Cantamus to Sing at Homecoming!

Cantamus is scheduled to sing the national anthem at the varsity football  Homecoming Game, Friday night!  We will sing at the stroke of 7pm or a little before.  Call is at 6pm.  Game is at Canyon State Academy.  Go to the school calendar and click on the event on October 22 for more information.

The school is at least 30 minutes from TPA without traffic, so plan to leave well before 6pm.

Download your print copy and audio files of the version we’ll be singing here.  You’ll need your password to access them.

Luau plans, uniforms

Plans are coming together for the luau musical program.  Here it is:

  • Ahay Tuburan Soloists: AAT: Peter H., Ben; Katie C.; Jenna, Shannon
  • Two Filipino Folk Songs All Girls singing; boys with mouth percussion-type beat boxing
  • Ahe Lau Makani Soloists: tenor and alto: Kyle, Lukas, Adam; Anna, Rosalie, Julie, Megan
  • Hawaiian Wedding Song Dr. and Mrs. Wolfe (this is an optional song)
  • Hukilau All Boys singing; girls, as many as wish, dancing Hukilau Hula
  • Aloha ‘Oe Everyone on chorus; verse solos by Melanie, Gabrielle and Annie O.

Costumes for the performance are Hawaiian, of course.  Girls: Hawaiian dresses, grass skirts (can be made or purchased).  Boys: Hawaiian shirts plus khaki trousers (like your uniform trousers).  These items can be found at the Dollar Store or at a second-hand clothing store like Good Will or Gracie’s.  Work on this over the break and bring your costume to the first rehearsal after break.

Students who are new to Cantamus must be fitted for their uniforms.  Come Thursday, October 7 at 7:45 a.m. so Mrs. Wolfe can fit you and order your uniform.  Cost to boys is expected to be under $40; cost to girls is expected to be under $70.  We will use these uniforms for all performances after the luau.  Families who need assistance in making these purchases, please contact Dr. Wolfe.

The first rehearsal after the break is Thursday, October 21, 7am for all of Cantamus.   That’s exactly nine days before the luau, so everyone be there on time!

Men rehearse Thursday morning, bright and early!

Cantamus Luau Helpers

THANK YOU to the following parents who have offered to be the COORDINATORS for the Luau!

  • MENU – Karin Moffitt
  • FOOD Presentation – Kim Ehmann
  • SET- UP – Carmina Giandiletti
  • CLEAN-UP – Doug Drury
  • PUBLICITY – Karin Moffitt

Now we need LOTS of food, and helpers, both students and parents, so please go to the survey and indicate where you can help. You can UPDATE your answers by clicking on your name. Thank you!

Cantamus Council

Cantamus Council met 9/30/10.  We discussed the following.

  • Luau. Council members will be calling their section members to come onto this blog and vote for the time and to volunteer for jobs.  We need parents to vote on the time for the luau and to sign up to help. Please see Cantamus Downloads for the links to these polls.  You will need your password to access this site.
  • Great Hearts Honor Choir. The date, Saturday, February 12, 2011, conflicts with the possible date for our Cantamus trip.  The council’s feeling was that they want to do both, so perhaps we need to look for a different date for the trip.
  • Cantamus Trip. Educationally valuable experiences include concerts and recording sessions.  A recording session similar to the one two years ago is possible.  Dr. Wolfe will investigate possibilities for trips once the luau is well under way.  A fun time at Disneyland is also in the plan.

Members present: Brandon, Katie C., Lukas, Megan, Melanie, Natalia, Peter B., Philip W.

Cantamus Luau Info

Go to Cantamus Downloads page (you will need your password) to find out about the luau and how you can help.  Your participation — whether you are a parent or a student — will make the luau possible and successful.  If we don’t have enough interest to host this event, we’ll cancel it.  Vote on the time on October 30 and sign up to help.

We want lots of guests from the TPA community.  This event is not just for Cantamus and parents.  With your help, we can have a great and memorable time together — and raise funds to help with the anticipated trip spring semester.

Note: Cantamus council meets Thursday, September 30, 3-4pm, Room 302.

Please sign up for where you can help. We need a coordinator for each category, and helpers for each category. For example, the FOOD coordinator would give people suggestions on what to bring, be sure we get a variety and enough food, when and where to bring the food, how the buffet will be set up, etc. We will be inviting the whole TPA Community, encouraging them to bring friends, and hope for a good turn-out.

Edward: k

Louise: I just changed the wording to Coord. Check it out and let me know what else needs to be changed. I’ll go shower now.

Edward: Looks good. I’ll put a link to it, and to the timing poll, on the password protected part of the blog.

Sent at 8:59 AM on Tuesday

Cantamus Luau Sign-up, Rosalie Anthem Singer

Congratulations to Rosalie S. for being chosen to sing the National Anthem at the Varsity football game on October 1!  Come and cheer her on!

Luau sign-up will be passed around at tomorrow’s rehearsal.  Jobs include food preparation and presentation; set up and clean up; and performance.  To benefit from the fund-raising aspect of the luau, you must participate in the performance and at least one other job.  If you can’t participate in the October 30 event, you may still be able to benefit, if you participate in behind-the-scenes work.

Rehearsal tomorrow will be the other music: Courtney (“I Been in the Storm So Long”), Shafferman (“Amazing Grace/Canon”), Rutter (“Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind”), and, if we have time, Handel (“Hallelujah), and Gilpin (“Home in that Rock”).

Cantamus Women rehearses on Thursday.

Performing Arts Calendar Changes

Mr. Hallman has been working with EdOptions to secure a venue for our performances for the year.  It’s a much nicer place to perform for most of our events as compared with the Zelman Center, so this is a step up for us, and it also will save us some money for hall rental.

As a result, we will reduce the number of performances for some of our events — EdOptions accommodates a larger audience.

We also now know more of the athletic events (some of the non-TPA organizations do not post their schedules until this late in the year) and we’ve been able to minimize the number of conflicts our wonderful artist/athletes will have to experience.

Please make a note of these changes in your calendar.  To find the times and other details, please check the TPA online calendar by clicking here or on the tab at the top of the page.

  • 11/29/10: Tech rehearsal for 10th and 11th grade choirs: change time to 6:30 – 8:00 at EdOptions
  • 12/1/10 and 12/3/10: These are the new dates for the 10th and 11th grade Choir Concert, featuring Cantamus and Varsity Strings
  • 1/20/11: This is the new date for the TPA Chamber Recital (formerly scheduled for 1/13/11)
  • 4/4/11: Change the times of the Opera Workshop rehearsals.  Also change the dates of the rehearsals to 4/2; 4/4; and 4/5
  • 4/6/11: Change the dates of the Opera Workshop performances to 4/6/11 and 4/7/11.
  • Change the date of the Recorder Concert from 4/7/11 to 4/1/11.
  • Drama rehearsals and performances remain unchanged

Whew!  That’s a lot of change!  I’ll stress once again that the reasons for the changes are to give our students the best performance opportunities we can, to coordinate a very busy performing arts events calendar, and to enable our students who are both performing artists and athletes the opportunity to enrich their talents in both areas.

Be sure to thank Mr. Hallman for his hard work on this schedule!

For a complete listing of Fine Arts and Extracurricular Performing Arts performances, please see the TPA Calendar linked on the tab above.  Choose the Fine Arts filter from the “Select Category” drop down.