ASU workshop this week!

If you sing tenor, there’s still room for you at the ASU Choral Workshop for select local high school students.  I reserved space for two quartets (SATB) and so far I have room for one tenor.  If you are interested, please let me know via email or in class or in rehearsal.  I need to know no later than Thursday afternoon.  (I’m opening this to qualified juniors who are in music class right now.) The workshop is free to TPA students!

Go to Cantamus Downloads to see the list of people who have told me they are going.

The workshop is Saturday, September 18, from 8:30 – 4:00.  (Ending time is approximate.)  The workshop is led by Gregory Gentry, Director of Choral Performance at ASU as well as Dr. Evan Tobias of ASU, and choral graduate students.  The day will be devoted to singing and choral excellence.  In addition to choral rehearsals, the day includes performances by Men’s Chorus, Vocal jazz, ensemble, and Symphonic Chorale.  You will have the opportunity to request a voice lesson with one of the ASU voice faculty.

Students provide their own transportation to and from the workshop.  The free Jupiter Orbit bus goes right by the ASU music building, which is how I plan to get there since I don’t like hassling with parking on the ASU campus.

Men’s sectional on Thursday

The men will be rehearsing on Thursday, September 9, 7am.  See all of you gentlemen then!

Thanks to Philip, Gennaro, Melanie, and Sara for leading sectionals this morning!

Cantamus Pictures, Thursday Rehearsals

Click here to see the password-protected pictures from the party on Cantamus Downloads. If you don’t have your password, contact Dr. Wolfe.

All of Cantamus rehearses every Tuesday this quarter.

Our rehearsals on Thursdays will be for men’s and women’s sectionals.

Rehearsal schedule for Thursdays this quarter are subject to change.  Listen for announcements, check the blog.  Meanwhile, here’s the schedule so far:

  • 9/9/10: Men
  • 9/16/10: Women
  • 9/23/10: Men
  • 9/30/10: Women
  • 10/7/10: Men
  • 10/14/10: Break, no rehearsal

Remember: Cantamus rehearses every Tuesday, 7am sharp!

Council Meeting 9/1/10

Council met 9/1/10, 3-4pm, Room 302

Members present: Peter Beguhl, Brandon Ashton, Philip Wolfe, Megan Begley, Melanie Whitaker, Katie Cerino, Natalia Hankins, Lukas Attridge

1. Get-acquainted party plans – Melanie reported that plans have come together for the party; everyone is to bring a snack to share.

2. ASU Workshop – September 18; now open to juniors and sophomores in Cantamus

3. Trip – two dates are being considered: February 11–13; January 21–23. Destination undecided

4. Solo and Ensemble, Regional festivals – Dr. Wolfe will ask Mrs. Joslin (artist formerly known as Miss Benitez) about helping prepare students for the sight-singing component

5. Luau fund raiser – this idea surfaced during the meeting and not really discussed; tabled until next meeting

Next council meeting: Wednesday, September 22, 3:00 p.m., Room 302

Peter Beguhl, Brandon Ashton, Philip Wolfe, Megan Begley, Melanie Whitaker, Katie Cerino, Natalia Hankins, Lukas Attridge

1. Get-acquainted party plans – Melanie reported working on this; suggested date is September 3, possibly at the Matsumoto home. If you’d like to help with the party, contact Melanie

2. ASU Workshop – September 18

3. Trip – January 14–16 (Wolfe has a problem with this); February 11–13 (Natalia may have a problem with this one); January 21–23 (not an R&R weekend)

4. Solo and Ensemble, Regional festivals – Mrs. Joslin – sight-singing?

5. Pops concert – Peter Beguhl thinks we should have a pops concert

6. Luau fund raiser – tabled until next meeting

7. Music – some critiques of present repertoire

Next council meeting: Wednesday, September 22, 3:00 p.m., Room 302

Cantamus snacks


Sign up to bring a snack to Cantamus rehearsals

Cantamus Snacks: 6:45 – 7:00 am Tuesdays

Please choose a day to bring a morning snack for Cantamus and clean up at 7:00 AM so the kids can be on time to rehearsal. They won’t have time to eat after rehearsal, and food and drink is not allowed in Zelman.

Snack ideas include: muffins, donuts, bagels, juice, fruit, or anything you want.

QUANTITY: 15 -20 singers (who arrive that early)
TIME: 6:45 AM – 7-00 AM, Tuesdays
CLEAN UP: 7:00 AM, wipe counters, and take leftovers with you.

Thank you!

Peforming Arts Groups at TPA

Students have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with outstanding directors at TPA.  Our extracurricular performing arts groups include:

Cantamus – our premier extracurricular choir for high school students; directed by Dr. Wolfe

Junior High Choir – our brand new choir for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders; directed by Mrs. Veenstra

Varsity Strings – our award-winning string group; directed by Mrs. Wilkison

Junior Varsity Strings – our beginner and intermediate level string group; directed by Mrs. Joslin

TPA Winds – our brass and woodwind group, forming now

Junior High Drama Workshop – our vibrant, new group for young actors; directed by Ms. Pitman, meeting Spring semester

Candide – our full production of Leonard Bernstein’s modern classic operetta; auditions are in December; directed by Mr. Tyler, with music direction by Mrs. Joslin

Upcoming events

ASU Choral Leadership Workshop: open to select members of Cantamus.  Contact Dr. Wolfe for more information (September 18)

Regional auditions and solo and ensemble festival registration deadline (November 10): open to members in good standing of TPA performing arts groups

10th and 11th grade choirs, Cantamus, and Varsity Strings concert: End of November and beginning of December.  Watch for further details as we find out more about the performance venue.

For further information, see the TPA Calendar.