Phoenix Symphony Tickets!

Parents and students have been asking me about the Phoenix Symphony tickets.  They’re available now!

Thanks to the Phoenix Symphony and Mrs. Wolfe, tickets to Phoenix Symphony concerts are again available this year for a deeply discounted price.  At $8.50 for TPA families, these same tickets cost up to $79 if purchased through the Symphony box office.

The series includes eight wonderful concerts beginning in September and ending in May.  Look here for information about the entire series:

  Phoenix_Symphony_Tickets_flier_2011.pdf (134.3 KiB)

Purchase your tickets through the TPA lunch store. Click on August 28 on the little calendar and choose your concert from the drop down box called “Select Lunch, Snack, or Drink.”

You only have until 11pm, August 28 to purchase these little gems! 

Note: TPA alumni and parents of alumni also are welcome to obtain tickets at this astounding price.  If you know graduates or parents of graduates who would enjoy these concerts, please direct them here.

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