Regional Choir Audition Results!

Congratulations to all seven of our wonderful singers who auditioned for Regional Choir on Saturday.  While Freshman Miriam did not place in the choir, she certainly is to be commended for putting herself on the line and singing a beautiful audition!

All of our other singers who auditioned on Saturday made it into this elite honor choir!  Wow!  With only 25 positions in each of the sections and hundreds of students auditioning, making it into the choir truly is an honor.

The results are as follows (last names not included):

  • Nasrynn, soprano (18th place in section)
  • Tiffanie, soprano (25th place in section)
  • Christopher, tenor (1st place in section!)
  • Anthony, tenor (15th place in section)
  • TJ, bass (15th place in section)
  • Andrew, bass (18th place in section)

The ticketed performance is open to the public.  It is February 15 at 4:00 p.m. at McClintock High School.

Since we are in the Southwest Region, our students were competing with terrific singers from the following high schools, some of which are real musical powerhouses:

  1. Ajo School
  2. Antelope UHS
  3. Apollo HS
  4. Arizona Lutheran Academy
  5. Basha HS
  6. BASIS Chandler
  7. BASIS Mesa
  8. Buckeye UHS
  9. Cactus HS
  10. Carl Hayden HS
  11. Chandler HS
  12. Chandler Preparatory Academy
  13. Copper Canyon HS
  14. Deer Valley HS
  15. Dobson HS
  16. Estrella Foothills HS
  17. Franklin HS
  18. Greenway HS
  19. Hamilton HS
  20. Imagine Preparatory
  21. Ironwood HS
  22. Maryvale HS
  23. McClintock HS
  24. Mountain Ridge HS
  25. North Pointe Preparatory
  26. Northwest Christian School
  27. Parker HS
  28. Perry HS
  29. Phoenix Day School for Deaf
  30. Rhodes JH
  31. Salome HS
  32. Scottsdale Christian Academy
  33. Scottsdale Preparatory Academy
  34. Sequoia School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  35. Sierra Linda HS
  36. Tempe Preparatory Academy
  37. Thunderbird HS
  38. Tonopah Valley HS
  39. Tri-City Christian Academy
  40. Valley Lutheran HS
  41. Westview HS
  42. Youngker HS

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