TPA Music Groups Begin Next Week!

Cantamus, Sinfonia, Bel Canto, Beginning Strings

Music ensembles begin next week at their regular rehearsal times:

  • Cantamus: Tuesday and Thursday, 7am – 8am  Cantamus registration form click here
  • Sinfonia: Monday and Wednesday, 7am – 8am
  • Beginning Strings: Friday, 7am – 8am
  • Bel Canto: Monday, 3pm – 4pm

All groups meet in the Zelman Center

  • Bel Canto (junior high) Choir: no audition required, for all students interested in learning to sing in ensemble.  Mrs. Rey directing
  • Beginning Strings: no audition required, open to all grades, is designed for complete beginners up to those who have played a string instrument for a year or less.  Mrs. Wilkison  directing
  • Sinfonia Orchestra: audition required, our organization for all orchestral instruments (including saxophone).  Mrs. Wilkison directing, Monday and Wednesday, 7 – 8 am
  • Cantamus (high school) choir: audition required, our varsity choir with an active performance schedule.  Mrs. Rey directing, Tuesday and Thursday 7 – 8 am

All interested students are invited to visit the first rehearsal

Registration and $50/semester fee is required.  Cantamus singers purchase their concert attire at $35-$80.

Instrumental lockers are provided for a nominal fee.

Performance schedule:


  • ASU Choral Workshop, 9/19/15
  • Performing Arts Fundraising Event, 11/21/15
  • Spring Concert, 4/26/16
  • Spring Trip to Disney Advanced Choral Workshop, 4/29-5/1/16 (additional fee required)


  • Performing Arts Fundraising Event, 11/21/15
  • Spring Concert, 4/26/16
  • Graduation, 5/19/16

Bel Canto and Beginning Strings

  • Winter Concert, 12/8/15
  • Spring Concert, TBD

About the Directors
Mrs. Lenore Wilkison has taught music at Tempe Prep since 2010, following a 30-year career as a professional violinist with the Phoenix Symphony.  She holds bachelors and masters degrees in music, violin performance, and elementary education.  Two of her three children attended Tempe Prep.

Mrs. Marlynn Rey received a Bachelor of Music from a Canadian College with a piano major and voice minor.  She produced one CD for her vocal group “Hosanna” in 2010 and is in the final stages of completing their second CD.  Mrs. Rey is a composer whose most recent compositions have been performed by The Brooklyn Community Chorus in New York (May 2015) and will be performed by the prestigious a cappella group Cantilena in Phoenix this fall.

Please contact the directors with questions.

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