Tuesday Morning Rehearsal

Cantamus, I will offer you a convenient way to return your folders and music scores, as well as your Fiddler books, for which you will be charged if you don’t return them: come to the Zelman Center tomorrow (Tuesday, May 17) between 7am and 8am and remove the music and stack the folders on the table prepared for you.  This will save Mrs. Wolfe from having to track you down later, and from you or your parents paying late fees and replacement costs for the music.

I’d like to rehearse with all of the members of Cantamus who want to perfect “Bumble Bee” at 7:30 tomorrow.  If you want to sing this piece, please come a few minutes before 7:30 so you can take care of your folder music.  You will return everything except “Bumble Bee” and your folder.  We have an opportunity to perform this at the Awards Assembly on Friday, May 27.  It would be a welcome addition to the program, which promises to be much shorter this year than ever before.  I’d love to have you perform if you can perfect and feel good about your presentation.  So we’ll work for 30 minutes tomorrow and then maybe schedule lunch rehearsals to finish it.

Tomorrow, there also will be order forms so you can order your copy of the Disney DVD (note: the Disney DVD is for private, home viewing only; posting on the Internet in any form is illegal and punishable by law), the concert DVD, and an 8X10 of the Disney photo.

I love you students!  You are wonderful, and your parents are pretty great, too!

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