Upcoming Cantamus Rehearsals

Because this is an unusual week, this little reminder hopefully will suffice to help singers and parents in Cantamus be prepared for the upcoming rehearsals.

Thursday, 7am: “Regular” Thursday rehearsal.  More work on “Sure on this Shining Night.” Touch up on Fiddler music as needed.  Review “Walkin'”

Friday, 3-5pm: Fiddler All-Cast rehearsal, Act I, in Zelman Center

Tuesday, 7am: Regular rehearsal

Also, please remember that Wednesday of next week, 3-5pm is the All-Cast rehearsal for Fiddler, Act II.  I believe the only music that Cantamus sings in Act II is “Anatevka.”

We will use Thursday’s rehearsal to plug any holes in Act I music and continue with “Anatevka.”

Please recall that all music Cantamus performs from now on will be memorized!

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